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REMS International was born out of an ongoing collaboration between its founding directors, with over 60 years IT experience in one form or another between them. We have practical experience in a wide variety of sectors: from manufacturing, distribution, rental, construction and service industry companies through systems houses, hardware and software suppliers to IT and business consultancy organisations. Our combined skill base, supported by a highly integrated team of like-minded professionals, represents a powerful organisation, able to offer high quality services covering the many facets of business and information technology consultancy demanded by modern business.

Simon Lascelles

Simon Lascelles

Simon Lascelles is an accomplished IT leader with a wealth of experience in driving digital business change. As Chief Information Officer (CIO), IT Director, and Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Simon has a proven track record of leveraging technology to achieve strategic business objectives.

Simon’s expertise spans a range of industries and geographies, including the United Kingdom (England, Jersey, Guernsey, Wales, Scotland & Northern Ireland). As Director Servicing, he has worked with organizations of all sizes, from start-ups to multinational corporations.

Simon’s approach to digital transformation is focused on using technology as a catalyst for change. He recognizes that technology is just one piece of the puzzle and that successful transformation requires a holistic approach that considers people, processes, and culture.

If you’re looking for an IT leader who can help you drive digital business change, Simon Lascelles is the ideal partner. Contact him today to discuss your needs and objectives.