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We provide users with the appropriate view and access permissions to requests, problems, changes, contracts, assets, and solutions.

Technology Strategy Review

The vast majority of modern businesses depend critically on their computing and communications systems.


Like a late joining co founder we work for your organisation to ensure the technology is fit for purpose and driving business improvement to ensuring you are getting the best return on investments.

PartTime CIO / CTO / CISO / IT Director

This provides all of the skills required to perform the role of a CIO / CTO / CISO / IT Director on an as-needed basis.

Contract Negotiation and Mediation

Negotiating good commercial agreements isn’t just about legal niceties. Ideally, the contract should capture, within a sound legal foundation

Business Process Improvement

Improving the efficiency of business processes is a proven way to provide real added value and quick-wins.

Project Management and Rescue

Managing the implementation of complex systems is a specialist task. It depends much upon solving logistical problems.


These are our areas of specialism


This is designed to take risks away from the system acquisition process and put the client in a strong position as a buyer.

INTERIM Management

Changing business circumstances can trigger a need for experienced interim senior managers/directors.


An objective review of your IS Operations can be beneficial in terms of ensuring you are getting the best return on investments.


Our proven credentials in IT strategy, system acquisition and contract negotiations mean we are ideally placed to undertake due diligence reviews.


We provide expert assessment services to help you determine the strength of a case, the underlying facts, and expert witness.

Mergers Acquisitions and Divestitures

Purchase and sale, merger and demerger of companies throws up many challenges across the business and particularly in IT. Our due diligence service is designed to help buyers be sure of what they’re getting into. Often our enquiries reveal information that can be used to negotiate significant concessions as part of the acquisition process.


We work with all commercial software applications we have particular experience and knowledge of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems and Best of Breed Solutions.


We are proud to have been at the heart of some of the largest and most complex Cloud implementations in the UK, and globally.