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Interim Management

Changing business circumstances can trigger a need for experienced interim senior managers/directors. If you need an information technology-based interim resource we may well be able to help. We have supplied interim managers and directors to cover a variety of IT roles such as CIO / CTO / CISO / IT Director, IT Programme Manager and IT Project Manager.


Why might I need this service?

  • Perhaps a key member of staff is leaving and you need to fill the role until a replacement is found (we can help to identify a suitable candidate during our tenure as interim)
  • Perhaps you have a major project requiring specific skills and experience
  • Perhaps you are working through a business transformation plan and additional experienced IT resources would lower your risks through that difficult period
  • If these circumstances sound familiar our interim service may be of use to you.

How does the service work?

We would carefully assess the requirements: skill sets, location, length of the assignment, etc, and propose an interim resource with the skills and experience to meet your requirements.

Typically interim assignments run for a number of months and they are usually full-time roles. If your requirement is for a more ad-hoc solution but offers a consistent approach, you may wish to consider our Parttime CIO / CTO / CISO / IT Director service.


What are the benefits of using an experienced interim?

  • Prompt access to highly skilled and experienced resources
  • Costs are known at the outset, with no agency fees, and no on-cost of employment (cars, pensions, ERNI, etc)
  • Our service is cost-effective, you only pay for the length of the assignment
  • No employment issues to resolve when the assignment ends, simply give notice
  • If you would like to discuss an interim assignment in more detail please contact us via our contact page to arrange a no-obligation discussion.