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Dynamics 365

We are proud to have been at the heart of some of the largest and most complex Dynamics implementations in the UK, and some globally. As independent consultants specialising in ERP systems we have worked with most major ERP systems on the market but in the last few years we have developed a particularly detailed understanding of Microsoft Dynamics®. Following rigorous system selection exercises we have helped numerous clients to negotiate prices & terms with Microsoft VARs and plan and manage their ERP. We have been at the heart of some of the largest and most complex ERP implementations in the UK, and some globally.
The significant investment that Microsoft is making gives potential clients confidence that this is a system that’s going to be around for years to come – very important in a world of rapid consolidation of suppliers and systems. In our opinion ERP has a number of strengths which are helping it to gain market share not just in the UK but around the world.

Dynamics is a very flexible product and can be adapted (configured) to meet a very wide range of business challenges. But with this flexibility comes complexity and the need for experienced, knowledgeable resources to get the best out of it. ERP implementations will run much more smoothly if you have a team who have done it before and know from experience the areas where attention should be focused.

If you are thinking of buying an ERP system and Microsoft Dynamic X in particular, you may benefit from our system acquisition services. If you’re already on the AX page and need to make sure you’re getting the right commercial deals and contracts you could consider our contract negotiation services.

Unsurprisingly, most purchasers don’t have a qualified ‘ERP-aware’ project manager on standby to coordinate internal activities properly and to work with the supplier. So if you need experienced, independent project management resources, who really know Dynamics, and where to focus attention to reduce timescales and risk, consider using our project management skills to your advantage.

Maybe you’re part way through an ERP implementation and things aren’t going as well as you would like. Typical symptoms include budget overruns and partially installed systems with suppliers losing interest and disillusioned users wishing they had never started the process. Here our project rescue service may be of interest to you. Failing projects can often be rescued with input from experienced consultants, who can stand between the customer and supplier.

Of course not all projects can be rescued. If you have suffered loss and believe that the supplier has been negligent you may be considering seeking legal redress. In these unfortunate circumstances you will almost certainly require the services of an expert witness. Our deep knowledge of the process of purchasing, contracting for and implementing ERP systems gives us the perfect background to act as experts in such matters. Click here for more information on our expert witness service.