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Join a fun environment to build trust and make quality referrals with like minded people.

Business Leaders Introduction Club (FREE)

  • “People buy from People”
  • The Club’s purpose is to create a fun environment where well networked people can get to know / build confidence in each other before making introductions to their contacts.
    Increase business opportunities for each other.
    Increase personal brand and network in region.

Have fun.

  • A “no sales” environment.
  • Guests invited to share a specific topic/discussion as a one-off attendee.
  • Primary focus on introduction opportunities, Secondary a sympathetic environment to discuss concerns with peers.
  • Private room, informal, lively, sociable event over a meal and drinks with people you enjoy being with and a pre-agreed current/interesting theme/topic of discussion
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Principles that make a successful club

Members’ Ideal Customer: CEO of Mid sized / SMB’s with a Growth / Innovation ambition.
Calendar: In person, mid week, once a quarter early evening dinner for 12 Active Networkers (People who know People), interspersed with monthly virtual video meetings.
Membership: By Invitation only – no two members offering a similar service / product. If new Member proposed that offers a similar service to an existing member (Identified on Members Map) the two will discuss to identify any conflicts.
Members: share knowledge of existing contacts via Members Map, are learners, and collaborative, bringing energy and a curiosity to our meetings.
Members’ Obligation: Share updated Members Map with Club the day prior to each meeting, to facilitate active Introductions. Membership Free, Meal bill split evenly.
Members’ Map (Club Confidential): To facilitate introductions. A list of each members clients plus a question from each member to identify whether an Introduction might be feasible.
Meeting Agenda: New member Introductions, Questions on Clients, Prospects, Review recent introductions, Event Planning Entrepreneur Dinner / Top 100 Awards (Spring and Autumn).

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What is an Introduction?

Introductions / Referrals broadly fall into three categories:

  • One of your contacts is looking for Service / Product or Leader that can be satisfied by one of the members refer to Members Map
  • One of your contacts has a business or technology issue
  • A Person in your network is well connected (has a large network) and might be a suitable member for the club i.e. introduce members to potential clients in the future.
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Critical Success Factors

Collaborate, collaborate, collaborate! Club First – loyalty, support – Don’t involve partners that can be perceived as a competitor to another club member. Listen to each other’s opinions and respect them. Recognise each other’s strengths and play to them when we are organising events together. Team commitment to making it work, We do what we say we are going to do. Honesty, transparency, ability to have difficult conversations without causing offence. Everyone offers support and will take time out of their day to speak to you about their journey and ways they can help. Constantly look for opportunities to introduce club businesses to your clients. Encourage your Associate team to make introductions to other club businesses. Invite to each other’s Team Meetings to build familiarity with the team.
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Best Practices

Proud of the relationship the club have. Trust, banter, honesty, fun – our monthly meeting (and Lunch) is always time well spent, productive and enjoyable. Proud of our referral track record. Proud of our successful events, and events calendar that we have mapped out. Proud of our ability to induct new members to the team and hopefully make them feel welcome. Proud that we enable our Associates to get together socially (Spring and Christmas) to encourage cross club relationships – Annual Budget of £1,000. Proud of our ability to get the cross club Associates interacting at a new level and generate leads at Associate level. Challenge – Agreeing a mechanism for making sure we don’t have Club competitors or semi-competitors at events. Challenge – Getting Associates to gatherings when the teams are particularly busy with clients, even when at 90% capacity and highly stretched.
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Meeting Agenda

New Members Introduction Introduction Review (each members map individually updated prior to the meeting) Event Update Topic for Conversation (proposed on WhatsApp’s Group prior to the meeting)
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Event Suggestions

Entrepreneurs Dinner County / Local Top 100 Businesses Golf Day Sport Event
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Sample Topics

Knowledge share Members Current Challenges Members Biggest Success Hot Seat – Member Shares issue for group to help resolve. First 20 minutes can only ask questions. Concludes with Member staging what they will do following all members advice. Economy Update Impact relevant to current events Tax Saving Suggestions
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Regional Venues

Phase 1
Hertfordshire (St Albans) – (
Cambridgeshire (Cambridge) – (
Essex (Chelmsford)- (
Buckinghamshire / Bedfordshire (Milton Keynes) – (
Phase 2
East London (ilford)
Essex (Colchester)
Hertfordshire (Watford)
Phase 3
Hertfordshire (Stevenage)
North London (Enfield)
Buckinghamshire (Aylesbury / High Wycombe)
Virtual Meeting Option – Coming

Virtual Meeting Option - Coming

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Look forward to talking with you.

United Kingdom
(England, Jersey, Guernsey, Wales, Scotland & Northern Ireland)
Services also in;
Europe, USA, APAC, EMEA.

Simon Lascelles

M: 07931 388553

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